Training Gloves For MMA

Level up your game with these amazing Training Boxing Gloves from Athllete. Made using latex and PVC foam, these gloves easily withstand the impact of your punches. The thumb-lock feature keeps thumb and fist positioned correctly to avoid any injury during your training. Featuring a Velcro wrist closure, these gloves are easy to put on and ideal for a wide range of mixed martial arts.


Practice Jerseys For Your Team

These Practice Jerseys from Athllete are a great choice to uplift your team spirit. Made using polyester mesh fabric, these jerseys are highly durable and can easily withstand rigorous physical activity. The breathable nature of the fabric keeps you at ease, and machine-washable nature makes them easy to clean. Moreover, this set of jerseys comes with a free matching carry bag for easy handling.

  • Boxing Gloves Fit well.

    They are comfortable when boxing. Good quality and I would recommend

  • I got this bag to hold my sons little league catchers gear and it’s working perfectly. Everything fits and it’s easy to carry. That stuff can get sweaty so having a mesh bag is nice because it dries quickly with no worry of a smell.

  • I’ve had such a hard time finding these Jerseys for 3-5 year old. And while these are a tad big they are way better than everything else I’ve tried.